Whitebear Creations

Where Traditional Art Comes To Life.

Whitebear Creations in Medicine Hat specializes in hand-crafted, traditional Indigenous art. We also offer various Indigenous-focused workshops where you can learn skills and cultural that has been passed down for generations.

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Art has always been an integral part of the preservation and expression of culture in Indigenous communities. At Whitebear Creations in Medicine Hat, Alberta, we make art that inspires us.

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Learn A Traditional Skill

Whitebear Creations offers various workshops and presentations that are focused on Indigenous skills and culture.

Our workshops and presentations are perfect for both individuals and groups, such as classrooms.

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Celebrating Indigenous Art

Welcome to Whitebear Creations in Medicine Hat, AB. We are motivational speakers and Indigenous artists. We specialize in custom-made art that is an expression and acknowledgment of our Indigenous culture.